When: Jan 01, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020

Opening: Jan 01, 2020

Where: Almanac Barcelona / Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 619-621 / Barcelona, Spain

Participating artists: Antonio Violano

Exhibition Description

DATES OF THE EXHIBITION NOT DETERMINED. Antonio Violano, a native of Florence, has developed his work in Italy and France and after a long stay in the United States, currently lives in Barcelona. A tireless researcher, Violano finds in the Etruscan past the roots of his historical expression. The Tuscan civilization has influenced him and his works, in the treatment of compact volumes, where the light slides on the form in a clear and clean way. Protagonists are the sensual forms of women and the “fighter”, the latter recurring series of the artist. Violano, an artist of tradition, who started sculpting her works directly on Carrara marble, is characterized by the use of noble and peculiar materials such as pink Portuguese marble, travertines, bronzes and Aragonese black marble. And much of his plaster sketches end up becoming definitive works with interesting and different finishes. Violano is, in short, a very complete Tuscan artist with an extensive career whose work fluctuates between the figurative, from which he is born, and the abstract.

Later Violano, as a consequence of his long stay in the United States, and later because of the vitality of the Born district of Barcelona, where he currently continues to work; It radicalizes the sense of volume and space, creating works in which the reference to reality is diluted in a play of forms and light. It is here where his abstract age begins and where drawings take on importance and strength over sculpture. Violano’s drawings and sculptures are present in public spaces and private collections around the world.